X-Ways Forensics WinHex 20.0 SR5完美授权中文版本

X-Ways Forensics WinHex 20.0 SR5完美授权中文版本

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WinHex是一个专门用来对付各种日常紧急情况的小工具。可以用来检查和修复各种文件、恢复删除文件、硬盘损坏造成的数据丢失等。同时它还可以让你看到其他程序隐藏起来的文件和数据。 WinHex一直以来广受赞誉,是软件破解、BIOS修改等方面的必备工具,其对十六进制数据的处理能力即使是常用的UltraEdit也无法望其项背的。




X-Ways Forensics(法证授权版)包括 MPlayer + 查看器组件

X-Ways Forensics v20.0 SR-3 Full
☑包含插件:MPlayer 2018 x64
☑包含插件:Outside In Viewer v8.5.4
☑含WinHex Forensic Editon x86/x64


* An alternative method to extract data from spreadsheets as text is now available in Options | Viewer Programs. This option is still somewhat experimental. The new method improves the fidelity of the extracted text in terms of cell order and arrangement, normalizes the formatting of date cells in the decoded text to the notation that is active in X-Ways Forensics for more reliable search results, and it reliably includes hidden cells. If you need to preserve characters that your active Windows code page does not support (e.g. Chinese characters on a typical computer in America or Western Europe) because you are going to search for them, you need to check one extra box ("Must support Unicode"), and with that option the new method will require usage of the Windows clipboard.
* Options | Viewer Programs dialog window rearranged.
* More efficient data I/O in usage of viewer component.
* Ability to interpret data as misaligned text in UTF-16 LE as well as misaligned UTF-16 BE in Disk/Partition/Volume and File mode. Misaligned means starting at odd offsets. That makes a difference in non Western European languages and renders text stored in that fashion actually readable.
* 1 additional text column available in Disk/Partition/Volume and File mode, in X-Ways Forensics only.
* The substitute character for non-printable ASCII characters of values below 0x20 in the text columns, selected in Options | General, typically a space or period, can now also be used for high Unicode character values. It's easier on the eye if characters in languages other than your own are not actually displayed, and you can probably afford to not see them if you are not looking for foreign language text (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean) anyway. To see only pure 7-bit ASCII characters (sufficient for English), in ANSI ASCII and all UTF-16 variants, you can apply the substitute character to above 0x0080. To see letters at least from other Western European languages like Spanish, French, German you can apply it to > 0x00FF. To see Eastern European languages, apply it only to > 0x04FF.
* Fixed context preview of misaligned UTF-16 search hits in some rare situations.
* Some minor improvements.

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