Basic4Android 9.90 (B4A)正式版更新发布

Basic4Android 9.90 (B4A)正式版更新发布

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Basic4Android 9.90是一款功能强大的Android 应用开发环境,B4A包含快速开发任何类型的Android应用所需的所有功能,B4A被全球数以万计的开发者使用,其中包括NASA,HP,IBM等公司,与B4i一起,您现在可以轻松开发适用于Android和iOS的应用程序。Basic4android中文版语言跟Visual Basic语言类似,支持更多的对象。Basic4android将代码编译成Android原生应用,无需其他运行环境的支持。



v9.90 - 2020年6月15日 -




  • 添加新模块-将新模块添加到父文件夹的选项。这在跨平台项目中非常有用,在跨平台项目中,不同平台之间共享模块。

  • 修复了自B4A v1.0起存在的设计问题,在某些情况下,将对象分配给变量也可以更改指向同一“包装器”的其他变量。

  • 新警告:

  • 支持Java 14(必须使用从B4X下载的版本)。

  • 在某些情况下,修复了空的描述窗口。

  • 几个调试器修复程序。

  • 新的“贡献”菜单项。

  • 在搜索结果和其他语法彩色列表中显示当前选定的行。

  • 新的内部库:B4XPages,B4XTurtle,BCTextEngine,B4XPreferencesDialog,PreoptimizedCLV,X2,@agraham的手势,@ corwin42的程序兼容性,NB6和B4XDrawer。

  • 网络v1.52-UDPSocket.GetBroadcastAddress方法。

  • 可以在INI文件中更改代码编辑器的光标颜色。它使用与主题文件中相同的0xAABBGGRR格式(CursorColor = 0x000000FF)。

  • XUI自定义视图的模板已更新。此处说明的约定已实现:

  • 修复了编译具有多个模块的项目时的编译错误。

  • 包括所有内部库的最新版本。

  • 其他错误修复和较小的IDE改进。

Download link:

I'm happy to release B4A v9.90. This update includes all kinds of improvements and it also adds support for the new B4XPages library which will make developing B4A apps as well as cross platform apps much simpler.

B4XPages - Cross platform and simple framework for managing multiple pages


  • Add new module - Option to add the new module to the parent folder. This is useful in cross platform projects where the modules are shared between the different platforms.

  • Fix for a design issue that existed since B4A v1.0 where in some cases assignment of an object to a variable can also change other variables that point to the same "wrapper".

  • New warning:
    "Comparison of Object to other types will fail if exact types do not match.
    Better to put the object on the right side of the comparison. (warning #35)"
    See this post for more information:

  • Support for Java 14 (must use the one downloaded from B4X).

  • Fix for empty description windows in some cases.

  • Several debugger fixes.

  • New "contribute" menu item.

  • Current selected line, in the search results and other syntax colored lists, is displayed.

  • New internal libraries: B4XPages, B4XTurtle, BCTextEngine, B4XPreferencesDialog, PreoptimizedCLV, X2, @agraham's Gestures, @corwin42's AppCompat, NB6 and B4XDrawer.

  • Network v1.52 - UDPSocket.GetBroadcastAddress method.

  • The code editor cursor color can be changed in the INI file. It uses the same 0xAABBGGRR format as in the theme files (CursorColor=0x000000FF).

  • Template of XUI custom views was updated. The convention explained here is implemented:

  • Fix for compilation error when compiling projects with many modules.

  • Latest versions of all internal libraries are included.

  • Other bug fixes and minor IDE improvements.

B4A v9.90 BETA #2 is available for download

v9.90 information:

This update adds support for the freshly new B4XPages library. This library, which its current version is a draft version, will change the way we build B4A apps and also cross platform apps. No longer will we need to fight with Android complex activities life cycle. Nothing will be paused. Views and subs of other "pages" will be accessible. Activities will not jump out of nowhere after a forgotten http request completes and more.
There are some limitations and of course that all previous code will work exactly as before.

A few more libraries are now internal libraries:

- B4XPreferencesDialog, PreoptimizedCLV, X2, @agraham's Gestures, @corwin42's AppCompat, NB6 and B4XDrawer.
- B4XPages is included as an internal library. It is a cross platform library and is also attached. It will work with the current B4J and B4i versions.

A template for cross platform and also non-cross platform projects is attached.

More information tomorrow...

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